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ChangeUp Foundation

Young people – no matter their background – deserve opportunities for success in life.

Equity Through Education Scholarships

We believe education provides opportunities in life, opening the doors to a future where the possibilities are endless, and dreams can become a reality.

The ChangeUp Foundation supports young people with the passion and determination to continue their education, find and create opportunities for themselves, in the face of any obstacle.

Our annual ChangeUp Foundation Equity through Education Scholarships help students at Bremerton High School fund their higher education – as we believe education leads to opportunity and experience, which combined with hard work empowers young people to achieve more. 

Meet the ChangeUp Family

2023 Scholarship Awardees

2022 Scholarship Awardees

Board of Directors & Advisors

Empower. Inspire. Connect. 

The ChangeUp Foundation's Board of Directors and Advisors are a set of passionate, diverse, and accomplished individuals dedicated to improving opportunities for students seeking an education and future full of success. Board members participate in our scholarship process, mentorship and networking, and building awareness for our cause. They bring their professional experience and connections to help scholarship awardees accomplish great things.   

Supporting Partners

ChangeUp is proud to call the following clients our active partners in supporting our Equity through Education Scholarships

If you or your company would like to contribute to the Foundation please contact us.


ChangeUp Foundation's Origin


While race-based disparities for educational and economic opportunities have existed in our society for decades, in the past several years an overdue awareness has grown on the true impact of these inequities. We see the stark realities of a cycle that lacks equal application of justice and opportunity, impacting the daily lives and future of our country's young people.

These factors have led us to believe that now more than ever we must do more than talk as a society, we must act, or the cycle will continue. Listening is a great place to start but is not enough. Action and active investment in people of color is a necessity to ensure the future is brighter for all.

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